For the sake of perceptive acumen, I have interviewed a diverse group of men and women in the 21-50 years age spectrum. Here’s what they had to say when I asked them, “Why do you smoke?”
    ‘Conversations’ is an attempt to throw light on some mundane, every day and sometimes grave situations in a satirical way - all the things that make up the times and life in general. ‘Pandemic Conversations’ is a compilation of real-life situations, happening in every household in these peculiar times. There’s one for everyone here.

    History and humankind have always had patterns that religiously repeat themselves. We would earnestly like to believe that after every catastrophic event there is a surge of antidotes to all problems that prevailed and after every pandemic, there is an evolution of a healthier human race.

    The world is now learning to slow down, pay attention to what it means to live, celebrate the now, cherish today and respect Mother Nature.

    Minutes later, he’s at the dining table scouring for a quick snack as tea simmers in the background. The air is filled with the smell of tea leaves and nostalgia. His stock of Haldirams had run out, so Amma is serving murukkus today. I lean back in a chair between my grandparents and thus starts my internal quest to decipher this age-old yet modern tradition we fondly call 'tea-time'.

    Power is of several kinds - charismatic, godly, tyrannical, economical, metaphysical, scientific, informative, physical and more. As we conjure up this voice of ours we call 'POWER', we make a promise to ourselves to remain an accessible, relevant and unbiased medium of communication. 

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