About Us

    ILA- Earth

     AMRA- Mango Tree

     RA- The Sun

     ‘As we lay under the mango tree, staring at the sunlight filtering through leaves, wide grins and blissful silence later, we shared our greatest dreams and joys.’

    ILAMRA is an extension of all of that inspires us. The brand is a medium of communicating the nuances of our accumulated thoughts, idiosyncratic visuals of the world and life-changing experiences. It is a byproduct of the people we meet, places we visit, culture that keeps us rooted and a country that reminds us of the diversity in beauty and beauty in diversity. 

     ILAMRA intends to provide sustainable lifestyle solutions to people across the globe through design. It is set out to create an immersive community of sustainably conscious individuals, contributing in their own little ways to the socio-economic sustainability of the planet, through conversation and conscious consumerism.

    Each collection is a dynamic intersection of some spiderweb shining in the moonlight, shadows of a frangipani tree, wrinkles on the fingers after a long swim, shape of atoms, smell of freshly roasted coffee beans, the contours of a white home in bright sunlight and all such things that days are made of.

     We let our passion, love, and dreams drip generously into the work that we do so that every piece of clothing from I L A M R A gives you a peek into the best of our memories. 

     The brand wishes to revive indigenous textile crafts of ancient India by empowering the faces behind it while keeping the above narrative flowing and alive in every piece of the brand and clothing. The products at I L A M R A are locally sourced and are handmade by skilled craftsmen and hence each piece is as unique as the person wearing it. 

     “I L A M R A is designed to provide the world with an experience of nature, design and art, one person at a time.”


    Trishala and Yashila.

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