We're finally here!

    We're finally here!
    To speak to one another, to communicate our thoughts - both, profound & languid, is such a privilege that we oftentimes forget the value of the long history of strife that those before us had to endure to pave way for these very channels of communication that we now call ours.
    We feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility being passed on to us from the voices that have helped all communication evolve and be where it is now. While keeping these thoughts in mind, we believe to be stepping into one of those unchartered territories with the confidence of coming back a conqueror. If not of the journey, of the lessons greatly.
    As we conjure up this voice of ours we call 'POWER', we make a promise to ourselves to remain an accessible, relevant and unbiased medium of communication.
    Power - a word that comes with so many connotations attached to it, in the right hands can create and restore life and in the wrong hands can destroy nations. 
    Power need not be loud, brash and statement-making as it is several times made out to be- it is sometimes as subtle as the silence that befalls a room when the head of the family enters or the crying that ceases when a mother's kind eyes suddenly turn stern or the rush of emotions that follow a whiff of someone’s perfume or the secret smirk of an opponent that knows your next move across the Scrabble board.
    Power is of several kinds - charismatic, godly, tyrannical, economical, metaphysical, scientific, informative, physical and more. Power is at the core of all rituals, all activity, all senses and all purposes, from a cellular level, until the rules which govern humanity.
    We hope POWER by I L A M R A becomes your reference point to powerful thoughts and profound reflections, beautiful days and world-changing beliefs. Our voice of reason and train of thought, now yours to peruse.
    “We wish to drink from a pool that has the energy to create worlds and let it reflect in our works”. 
    - Trishala and Yashila
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    • A warm hug and a thank you to all of you for your support. We’re just as excited as you are and we are thrilled to get such a positive feedback. Let’s get this journey started…🌻

      Team ILAMRA
    • Lovely you girls. Always coming up with something refreshing and beautiful. 👍🏻
      Good luck y’all 😘

      Rashmi G
    • Yay! Can’t wait to read more, loved this intro :)

    • Loved the name of the magazine, Power ! loved the article as well, more power to you ladies 🙌😎❤

      melwin sam

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