What would you do?

    What would you do?

             We asked all of you to tell us what is it that you would do with your time if you had a constant supply of money regardless of your job. 

    We received a lot of responses for this one, most of which left us contemplating over them during the weekend.

    70% of the answers were centred around Travel and the remaining 20% around Art. Now, when we said a constant supply of money we meant it to be something that's in tandem with your current remunerations and not necessarily bumping into treasures hidden in the pyramids of Giza.

    (P.S. we did receive some really cool answers to our question and thought you might like them, scroll to see them all. )

    We thought if this question was asked 20 years ago, would travel still be a predominant answer? If Instagram hadn't conditioned us to have a life that revolved around travel or in fact travelling 250 days a year for work, would travel still be a thing? If the internet didn't give us enough evidence of enlightenment on a trek to the Himalayas or solo-travelling in Europe, would travel still feel as glamorously empowering as it does today? Was this whole spike in travel for work and work to travel just a millennial fad?

    Most importantly, will travel even feel like one-tenth of what it looks like in the most-shared picture on Instagram? Would it be fun to travel aimlessly without a sense of purpose and without contributing to the longevity and sustenance of the planet and this human race?

    Well, we are mighty guilty too of falling prey to the #wanderlust bandwagon but this year, in the face of the pandemic, we realised the importance of self over society, long-term solutions over one-off pleasures and giving back to the earth over taking from it.

    With this tiny #ILAMRAExperiments of ours, it is clear that travel is most definitely on everyone's mind. The question remains whether it would still be the case sans social media. Join our thoughts and drop your comment below or message us. We would love to know what you think of this social phenomenon.

    Curated and Written by Trishala Nara and Yashila Nara

    Words spoken by our very own Anonymous Collective

    You can follow them on Instagram @trishala_nara and @yashilaaa

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