Our nutmeg print comes in a deep brown arid-seed and a madder red diagonal line to add symmetry and effect to the overall print.


Nutmeg also known as ‘Jajikya’ is a spice that grows in the Parambu of every household in Kerala. The spice is very successful in helping loyal old men and women of Kerala make a living by just picking up fallen nutmegs from their garden, separating the arid and seed, drying and selling them off in the markets. Such is the royalty of the nutmeg!


Bright red beads in the palloo make the sari come alive and a rustic gold gota patti adds to the royalty of the saree. 


SKU: 209

The fabric used is unbleached organic cotton that has been pre washed during the print process. The dyes used are 100% natural, organic, non-toxic, skin and earth friendly.