Marigold Tier dress

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In India every celebration is marked with flowers, be it for decor, as an offering to the gods, or to adorn our braids. There is one flower that defines the word 'festive' for us- the marigold. Known across India as genda phool and Banthi puvvu at our place. Inspired by this beautiful, full bodied, pungent and bright flower we designed our favourite tiered dress.

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Made with the finest of fine mul-mul / pure cotton fabric, it is translucent, soft, radiant and breathable. Fashioned into a super-flared tier dress that is elaborate yet lightweight. It comes lined inside with a cropped short dress that allows for easy movement and a beautiful tie up bow at the back. Printed in shades of yellow, orange, chilli red and a tiny hint of indigo, say hello to our marigold dress.


Each and every smear of colour on the garment is carefully placed by hand, every dye is mixed by hand and every detail is overseen with a keen eye.


As the method we have employed is hand prinitng,  thus a beautiful assymetry in the patterns can be observed. But we believe that this makes each and every piece just as unique as the wearer!




This item is made to order and it takes two weeks to deliver. If we can, we will try making it even early for you.