The collection ‘Unmissable’ is the coming together of an indigenous South Indian craft and western silhouettes- the world meets India. It features prints which are an encapsulation of our most vivid travel memories, patterns that make us feel empowered and fabrics that strike the perfect balance between structure and flow. 

    Scarlet Turtle Blazer

    Rs. 3,450.00
    Soft yet structured, our favourite blazer yet is made with the softest of mul and makes layering easy under even under the tropical sun. It can also be paired with...

    Scarlet Turtle Shorts

    Rs. 2,550.00
    These pair of shorts come with a paper bag waistline and a tie-up sash. The fit is snug, easy and comfortable. It is made with the softest of cotton mul...

    Indigo Floral Pants

    Rs. 3,200.00
    These pants are made from organic cotton dyed in deep shades of Indigo. We understand the need for pockets and hence we have added back pockets that come with a...

    Kaleidoscope Wrap Skirt

    Rs. 2,800.00
    Dizzying, concentric squares in grey come together to create our Kaleidoscope print. The skirt comes with an adjustable belt, fringed and piped sides in mustard, an exaggerated tie-up and a fringed...

    Hook, Line and Sinker Crop Top

    Rs. 1,800.00
    This top comes with a modern and quirky print while retaining the intricacy of Kalamkari through the slender scales of the fish.  What’s the vibe of the outfit: Easy, cheerful and...

    Piña Colada Crop Top

    Rs. 1,800.00
    Our simple and fun Piña Colada Crop Top captures the essence of a vacation. The coconut print motif & noodle straps add life and a lot of good cheer to this...

    Amore Mio Crop Top

    Rs. 1,800.00
    Dyed in a stunning shade of red using madder roots this versatile crop top can be paired in a million ways. It's subtle yet deep colour makes it perfect for...

    Hook, Line and Sinker Cotton Pants

    Rs. 3,050.00
    These pants are made from organic cotton dyed in deep shades of brown, madder red and mustard yellow. We understand the need for pockets and hence these pockets come with...

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