I L A M R A is a global clothing brand with India at its heart.

The brand wishes to revive indigenous textile crafts of ancient India by empowering the faces behind it while keeping the above narrative flowing and alive in every piece of the brand and clothing. The products at I L A M R A are locally sourced and are handmade by skilled craftsmen and hence each piece is as unique as the person wearing it. 

Naturally Dyed | Hand Crafted | Earth Friendly 

    Blush Turtle Print Shirt

    Rs. 2,910.00
    Our Blush Turtle Print Shirt is elegance personified. It comes with foldable cuff sleeves and a soft cotton lining. Wearable for both work and play.  What’s the vibe of the...

    Lines and Chambakya Top

    Rs. 2,640.00
    From brunches, casual strolls, errands, a movie, a work meeting and a visit to the family this is a perfect top for all your everyday needs. Simple, breezy and quirky...

    Pink Sunset Tier Dress

    Rs. 3,200.00
    Our floral motifs come to life in beautiful watercolour shades of pink in this tiered dress with puffed sleeves. The sheer fluidity and softness of the fine cotton mul are...

    Pretty Little Things Top in Pink

    Rs. 2,500.00
    Life is all about pretty little things that dot our days, isn't it? One such Pretty Little Thing is our lovingly made sleeveless top with a ruffled tier. Hand block-printed...

    Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice Tent Dress in Indigo

    Rs. 3,800.00
    Our best-selling peppercorn motif meets another one of our bestselling floral print in Indigo and together they create this beautiful, flowy dress. The highlight of the dress is that one...

    Very Victorian Ruffle Top in Indigo

    Rs. 2,500.00
    Inspired by the life and times in the Victorian Era when more was more and layers of fabric indicated the social standing of a person. Generous ruffles grace the front...

    Yellow Chambakya Tent Top

    Rs. 2,560.00
    Flamboyant as can be, our Yellow Chambakya Tent top is a free size number that fits everyone. It looks straight out of the 60's Bohemia and makes for a great...

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